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You have just received your product and it is not entirely satisfactory.

You can exchange or request a refund.

You have 14 working days, from the receipt of the articles, to form an opinion and to make us a return request if you wish, justifying the reason to the following email address:

Upon receipt of your email we will send you a return agreement number.

You will then have 30 days to return your product to us.

Only products returned in their original condition and packaging will be taken back. Incomplete, damaged, or used items cannot be returned and will not be refunded.

You must return your new item to the following return address: THE WIZARD'S SHOP / RETOUR / 3 BIS RUE DE LA CHEVALERIE / LA RENAUDIERE / 49450 SERVREMOINE

The return costs are the responsibility of the customer and it is your responsibility to keep all proof of the return.

We are not responsible for loss or damage.

Refund procedure

Upon receipt of the return of your order, we undertake to reimburse you (according to the initial payment method) within a maximum period of 30 days.

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