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  • 37,95 € In Stock
    Nicolas Flamel is a famous French alchemist whose legend says that he would have created the Philosopher's Stone: the one that would transform any metal into gold and that would make it possible to become immortal. A fervent friend of Albus Dumbledore, he helps Nobert Dragonneau and his friends in the second part of the fantastic animals. His wand is a...
  • 37,50 € In Stock
    In Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore was the makeover teacher. This is how he met Norbert Dragonneau. We can observe this magnificent wand in the second part of Fantastic Beasts. Dumbledore had this wand before he replaced it with Sureau's. This wand is unique in its shape, its matte black and its metallic handle on which runes are engraved. This is a...
  • 37,95 € In Stock
    Norbert Dragonneau or Newt Scamander, is a famous magizoologist passionate about fantastic animals. This passion was born at Hogwarts where he befriended Leta Lestrange and Albus Dumbledore. Pousouffle pupil, he is shy and calm. This hero helps Dumbledore to pursue and fight Gellert Grindelwald. The inside of his wand is made of seashell. The replica of...
  • 79,90 € In Stock
    Immerse yourself in the world of Fantastic Beasts by wearing this beautiful little Niffleur plush backpack made by the iconic brand Loungefly!You’ll love the softness of the Fluffy black hairs and the Niffleur legs sticking out of the backpack.This makes it a real "back plush".Characteristics:20 cm x 13 cm front pocketDimensions: approx. 25 x 30 x 16...
  • 35,90 € In Stock
    Pull the plush Mandrake from the pot to hear it's screams and feel it shaking. Reference : NN8603
  • 24,00 € In Stock
    Let Fawkes the Phoenix joining you in your adventures with this mug! Loyal friend of Albus Dumbledore, Fawkes had a key role in Hogwarts and helped wizards in many ways! Two of its feathers were used to create some of the most famous wands: Harry Potter and You-Know-Who wands! A mug that you should keep close to you, knowing that its tears can heal your...
  • 59,90 € In Stock
    Pat the book of monsters on the edge and it will become the most comfortable of cushions! Discover the iconic cushion from the book of monsters present in volume 3 of the Harry Potter saga. It is this book that Harry uses in Hagrid's course on monsters and magic animals. Characteristics : Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 10 cm Material: polyester Licensed product....
  • 37,95 € In Stock
    Queenie Goldstein is Porpentina's little sister. She is a very elegant and malignant woman, she has a rare faculty: she is legimension and can enter into any spirit in order to thwart the deception or to seek memories and emotions. She is very attracted to Jacob, the first Non-Maj she sees but ultimately turns to the black Maje Gellert Grindelwald. Her...
  • 24,95 € In Stock
    Let yourself be seduced by this adorable Niffleur soft toy. It is a magical creature attracted by all that glitters, it is very useful for finding treasures! This seemingly charming creature can prove to be destructive and unstoppable when targeting something or someone that interests him. the Niffler makes a perfect plush toy for fans of the Harry Potter...
  • 19,99 € In Stock
    The prop replica hardback cover of the Slytherin exercise book as seen in Fantastic Beasts created by Minalima! Write on its pages and let the magic work with the features of the pages and the vintage cover of the Slytherin house. Collectible replica of the original exercise book of Slytherin seen in Fantastic Beasts. Hard cover with printed back 128...
  • 17,00 € In Stock
    Here is the Atlas of Celestial Anomalies MinaLima Poster, a book written for Gellert Grindelwald! Grindelwald was one of the most powerful but also dangerous wizard of his time and had a close relationship with Albus Dumbledore. The complexity and celestial aspect of this Atlas poster will bring mystery and magic to your decoration! Characteristics:...
  • 37,95 € In Stock
    Rudolph Spielman is Chief of Incarceration, he works for the International Confederation and was responsible for the extradition of Gellert Grindelwald from the prison of the Magical Congress of the United States to another penitentiary establishment in Europe to be tried. However, this extradition did not go as planned and all the guards except Mr....
  • 10,95 € In Stock
    Picket is a Botruc bred by Norbert Dragonneau. He has the particularity of being moody, anxious and mistreated by other Botrucs but he is the favorite of Norbert, who loves to have him with him in his pocket. This small articulated Botruc is completely foldable. You can play and pose it however you like! This is an original gift for a fan of the Fantastic...
  • 59,95 € In Stock
    Here is the official replica of the pendant of Grindelwald Gellert, sorcerers and black mage as powerful as dangerous. Bound by a blood pact that Grindewald keeps in the heart of the pendant, Dumbledore cannot stop and face the black mage and entrusts this task to magizoologist Norbert Dragonneau. This replica of the pendant appeared in Fantastic Animals...
  • 8,00 € In Stock
    Look, it’s a Niffler ! Niffler are gentle and affectionate creatures that have the bad habits to be attracted to shiny objects! Used to find treasures, one of those Nifflers became a companion of Newt Scamander and helped him in his quests, not without causing some troubles on the way. As cute attached to your keys as to your bag, enjoy the softness of...
  • 39,90 € In Stock
    Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter with this magnificent Fantastic Beasts Niffleur Plush Wallet by the iconic brand Loungefly! Characteristics : Dimensions: approx. 15 x 12 x 4 cm Lining Polyester Fantastic Beasts official license
  • 11,95 € In Stock
    Discover the magnificent bow tie of Newt Scamander, the hero of Fantastic Beasts and the famous Zoologist friend of Albus Dumbledore. This bow tie will bring a touch of elegance to your outfit and its size is fully adjustable! Characteristics : Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 2 cm Material: 100% polyester Licensed product. Reference : CR1125
  • 21,95 € In Stock
    Here is the pen decorated with a niffler delivered in a beautiful box. Ideal for magizoologists. Characteristics : Dimensions: 17cm long Materials: metal, PVC, resin Refillable pen Ink: Blue Harry Potter licensed product
  • 24,90 € In Stock
    This beautiful scarf by Norbert Dragonneau is perfect for winter: warm and soft. You will be proud to wear the scarf of your favorite magician with its beautiful embroidered badge. Characteristics : 100% ultra-soft acrylic "NS" embroidered badge (Newt Scamander) Dimensions: 190cm x 25cm Washable at 30 ° Licensed product. Reference : CR1009
  • 37,95 € In Stock
    Porpentina Goldstein, nicknamed Tina, worked at the Magical Congress of the United States of America as an Auror until she was demoted to the rank of Federal Wand Licensing Officer. She meets Nobert Dragonneau at the Steen National Bank and embarks him on several magic crimes. She is a vigilante who contrasts with Newt's dreamy temperament. These two...
  • 19,99 € In Stock
    Write on this magnificent notebook that looks like the manual "Fantastic animals life & habitats" by Norbert Dragonneau, like a schoolboy from Hogwarts! This beautiful bound cover with golden details will delight fans of the Harry Potter saga. Characteristics : - 200 ruled pages - Gold details on the cover - Golden edges - Size: 17.7 x 12.7 cm...
  • 37,50 € In Stock
    Let be seduced by this adorable interactive Niffler soft toy. It is a magical creature attracted by all that glitters, it is very useful for finding treasures! Simply pat Niffler's head to hear him squeal, sniff, and gurgle. Characteristics : Dimensions : 23cm Material: polyester fibers Officially licensed Harry Potter product. Reference: NN8166
  • 44,95 € In Stock
    Fall for this adorable Niffler soft toy. Very temperamental, he is constantly drawn to anything that glitters and can be capricious if he covets a particular object. In fact, this animal is often very useful for finding treasures! This little ball of black fur has a long nose that allows it to sniff out objects. This large plush is incredibly soft!...
  • 34,95 € In Stock
    This magnificent box contains the four bookmarks of the four flagship animals of the fantastic beasts saga: the Niffler, the Thunderbird, the Demiguise and the Botruc. You love J.K. Rowling, dive back into the adventures of Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts with these beautiful silver metal bookmarks. Product features: Dimensions: approximately 5.5 cm...
Showing 1 - 24 of 61 items

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