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  • 9,50 € In Stock
    To make your birthday party a success, use this set of 10 Harry Potter logo birthday candles! It contains 2 Gryffindor candles, 2 Slytherin candles, 2 Hufflepuff candles, 2 Ravenclaw candles and 2 Harry Potter candles. It's the perfect gift to properly celebrate the Potterheads holidays. Characteristics : 100% wax Candle length: 7cm Officially...
  • 9,95 € In Stock
    Blow out your birthday candles with this set of 10 Harry Potter Kawaii candles! You can find personalized and colorful candles with the effigy of each of these iconic characters of the saga: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Wealsey, Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid. It's...
  • 20,95 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    Celebrate your birthday with this Harry Potter Kawaii pack! It includes 8 Hogwarts plates, 20 napkins, a Hogwarts Houses banner and 8 glasses. This Pack is essential for all festive wizards! Characteristics : 8 plates 22.8 cm in diameter 20 napkins 33 cm x 33 cm an 18cm x 180cm Hogwarts Houses banner 8 glasses with a capacity of 270 ml. Officially...
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

A 100% Harry Potter birthday thanks to our birthday sets, all you have to do is make the cakes.

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