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    Bracelets and charms for the most "bling-bling" of sorcerers.


    Necklaces and pendants to keep your passion as close as possible to your heart. Ps: The time turner will not allow you to dry Quidditch lessons, we have already tried it works medium.


    A selection of earrings for refined wizards and witches.


    Never be late again thanks to our selection of watches. Magic batteries not included.


    Need to prove all your claims? No worries, here is our selection of badges.

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  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Join The Wizard's Shop team by proudly wearing the logo of your favorite store. Product Features: Pin dimensions: 3cm x 3.5cm Material: enamelled metal 2 ties
  • 24,90 € In Stock
    Authentic replica of Hermione Granger's Time Turner necklace. The ring are rotating. A box is with the necklace. Characteristics: Material: Zinc alloy / sand Time flipper diameter: 5 cm Harry Potter licensed Product Refrence: CR3007
  • 9,90 € In Stock
    Here is the Potion Book Pin ! The famous book belonging to Professor Snape in his early childhood. Mr. Potter took advantage of it during his 6th year at Hogwarts, until he became the best student in the class. Yes even Hermione failed to survive this book. Thanks to the many annotations in his manual correcting the errors of the different recipes, he...
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Add an elegant and discreet Harry Potter touch with this beautiful silver deathly halloween pin. Also discover all our pins in our badge category: Product features: Pins dimensions: 2cm x 2 cm Material: silvers plated Licensed product. Reference : PPB0054
  • 9,90 € In Stock
    You may have been waiting for it for a long time: here is your letter of acceptance for Hogwarts, delivered by owls with these two metal pins! Acceptance letters are sent to 11-year-old wizards announcing good news: their admission to the Wizarding School of Hogwarts! Owl and letter of acceptance are the inseparable duo of the beginning of Harry Potter's...
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Here is the Honeydukes's Pin ! Chocolate Frog, explosive candy and Bertie Bott's every flavour beans in shambles, to always be accompanied by a treat ! Characteristics : Material: Silver plated Officially licensed Harry Potter product.
  • 34,00 € In Stock
    Fans of the Harry Potter saga and more particularly of the Deathly Hallows will enjoy wearing these magnificent earrings. Characteristics : Material: 925th silver Dimensions: 1.5 cm Licensed product. Reference : EHE0054
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    11,90 € In Stock
    Notice to Potterheads who love the Deathly Hallows: this necklace is for you! It's also a great gift idea. Characteristics : Material: silver plated necklace 40 cm snake link chain with approx. 5 cm extension chain Dimensions of the pendant: 1.5 cm Licensed product. Reference : EWN0054
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Here is the Fawkes's Pin ! Adorned with its magnificent red and gold colors, Fumsekc will become your traveling companion. Endowed with power such as being reborn from the ashes, carrying very heavy loads (we only remember the misadventures in the chamber of secrets very well) or even heal wounds thanks to his tears, Fawkes will have marked our minds....
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Here is the pin of Hermione Granger best friend of Harry Potter! Personalize your clothes or your business with this pretty Chibi style pin. Also discover all our pins in our badge category: Product features: Pins dimensions: 2cm x 2 cm Material: enameled metal Licensed product. Reference : PBC0084
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Personalize your style with this Hermione Granger time turner pin, it is not rotatable. Also discover all our pins in our badge category: Product features: Pins dimensions: 2cm x 2 cm Material: silver plated Licensed product. Reference : PPB0100
  • 19,90 € In Stock
    If you are a Quidditch fan, this beautiful leather bracelet is made for you! It is compatible with the charms sold on our online store, take the opportunity for the personalized one! Characteristics : Material: silver plated charms and black leather strap with clasp Only in size M (19cm) This bracelet is compatible with The Carat Shop charms under Harry...
  • 6,90 € In Stock
    Discover the Harry Potter chibi style charm pendant! It is possible to put this charm on a necklace or bracelet. Don't hesitate to discover our collection of charms to create jewelry with your favorite heroes. Characteristics : Chibi style Material: silver plated Dimensions of the pendant: 2cm x 2cm Charm compatible with other charms, necklaces and...
  • 6,90 € In Stock
    Discover the charm pendant of the time turner that Hermione uses in the second part of the Harry Potter saga! This charm can be put on a necklace or a bracelet. Don't hesitate to discover our collection of charms to create jewelry with your favorite heroes. Characteristics : Material: gold plated Dimensions of the pendant: 2.5cm x 2.5cm Charm compatible...
  • 54,90 € In Stock
    Notice to Gryffindor's fans : this watch is made for you! Gold and silver in color, this watch will please potterheads. Characteristics : Gryffindor coat of arms on the watch face Leather bracelet with the coat of arms of Gryffindor Official Harry Potter license. Reference : ETP0022
  • 29,95 € In Stock
    Featuring rhinestones, this pretty charm represents the key that Harry Potter must catch in the first volume: Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. Personalize your bracelets and necklaces with these Harry Potter charms! Discover them in our sections: and...
  • 29,95 € In Stock
    Keep Hogwarts magic close to you with this golden charm! You will see the Hogwarts castle as we first discover it in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on those magical boat floating on the lack! Nothing recalls this magical universe better than this castle with its tall towers! Personalize your bracelets and necklaces with these Harry Potter...
  • 9,00 € In Stock
    What more iconic object than the time turner ! Hermione and Harry have shown us that the right use can make a big difference. With these ear studs a little bit of magic will follow you, but be careful beyond 5 turns backwards, you are exposing yourself to a danger which is beyond our reach .. be warned sorcerers. Characteristics: Material: gold plated...
  • 19,00 € In Stock
    A nice set of jewelry with the effigy of our delicious Honeydukes boutique! Chocolate frog around your neck and some explosive candy for your ears, any wizard will recognize you as one of them. Nothing beats a small round trip late at night through the one-eyed witch to feast with your accomplices in your Hogwarts dorms! Characteristics: Material: gold...
  • 55,95 € In Stock
    Here is the magnificent replica of the necklace of Xenophilius Lovegood, the father of Luna Lovegood and editor-in-chief of the Quibbler. This character is important because it reveals to Harry, Hermione and Ron the legend of the Deathly Hallows: Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Invisibility Cloak which are represented by this triangle symbol....
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Here are the pins of the most lunar student at Hogwarts: Luna Lovegood! This beautiful Chibi style pin can be put on any fabric to bring a little Harry Potter touch. Also discover all our pins in our badge category: Product features: Pins dimensions: 2cm x 2 cm Material: enameled metal Licensed product....
  • 54,90 € In Stock
    Be always on time with this beautiful watch inspired by the Marauder's map. The burgundy bracelet contrasts perfectly with the gold plated clasp and dial where you can read the original sentence from the book "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good". It's a great gift idea for fans of J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter saga. Characteristics : Engraved...
  • 12,95 € In Stock
    With this Slytherin choker necklace, you can wear the colors of your favorite Hogwarts house in a subtle and elegant way. This green and silver choker necklace is the perfect gift for Harry Potter and Slytherin fans! Characteristics : Material: velvet strap Pendant dimensions: 1.5cm x 2cm Officially licensed Harry Potter product. Reference: CR3002
  • 9,00 € In Stock
    Find back Hedwig and a letter from Hogwarts with these stud earrings! Harry Potter's adventure began when he received his acceptance letter at Hogwarts telling him he was a wizard! This was followed by the arrival of Hedwig who became a loyal friend, followed, and helped him in all his adventures! These ear studs feature two iconic symbols that mark the...
Showing 1 - 24 of 117 items

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