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    Fancy a little confectionery ? Nothing better than a good pumpkin juice accompanied by a chocolate frog from Honeydukes ! And what could be better than drinking straight from a cup from Honeydukes ! With a design proposed by ABYstyle, this mug will appeal to young witches fan of this epic confectionery. Characteristics: Material: high quality ceramic...
  • 7,90 € In Stock
    Here is the Honeydukes's Pin ! Chocolate Frog, explosive candy and Bertie Bott's every flavour beans in shambles, to always be accompanied by a treat ! Characteristics : Material: Silver plated Officially licensed Harry Potter product.
  • 12,90 € In Stock
    Here is the logo keychain of the famous Honeydukes store! Liquorice magic wand, runny bubbles, sugar feathers and of course Bertie Crochue's surprise dragees do I really need to say more? In the 3rd year in particular, our brilliant wizard passing through the secret passage of the one-eyed witch can finally experience the sweetness of her treats with the...
  • 19,00 € In Stock
    A nice set of jewelry with the effigy of our delicious Honeydukes boutique! Chocolate frog around your neck and some explosive candy for your ears, any wizard will recognize you as one of them. Nothing beats a small round trip late at night through the one-eyed witch to feast with your accomplices in your Hogwarts dorms! Characteristics: Material: gold...
  • 14,90 € In Stock
    Immerse yourself in the world of HoneyDukes with this magnificent Chocogrenouille wallet made by the iconic brand ABYstyle! Galleons, Sickles and Noises will be protected and well kept safe. Be careful if you slip in a chocolate frog, don't forget that they may have a second fool in reserve. We don't want to lose our fortune! Characteristics :...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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