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  • 14,95 € In Stock
    Dobby is a house elf forced to serve the Malfoy family. He dreams of freedom, he will become Harry Potter's friend and remain faithful to him until his death. Dobby is dressed with a pillowcase as it is the hallmark of house elves. This articulated Dobby is completely foldable. You can have fun staging it as you want and placing it wherever you want....
  • 10,95 € In Stock
    Picket is a Botruc bred by Norbert Dragonneau. He has the particularity of being moody, anxious and mistreated by other Botrucs but he is the favorite of Norbert, who loves to have him with him in his pocket. This small articulated Botruc is completely foldable. You can play and pose it however you like! This is an original gift for a fan of the Fantastic...
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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