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  • 6,00 € In Stock
    Enjoy the chocolate frog? Every potterhead's dream! The little frog is made of milk chocolate and contains puffed rice. There is also a lenticular collector's collectible card of a famous wizard and its description on the back. Perfect for a Harry Potter partyThe small bar of milk chocolate contains puffed rice and has nice details that represent the...
  • 13,90 € In Stock
    A touch of magic straight from the mysterious Pier 9 3/4 ! Never be late again, built-in alarm clock, Potions or Transfiguration classes aren't waiting for anyone. This clock comes directly from the station, A nice decoration to always be on time. Characteristics: Dimensions: approx. 12cm AA battery not included Harry Potter licensed product.
  • 19,90 € In Stock
    Perfect for keeping your drinks warm, this Hogwarts Express travel mug will become your travel or everyday companion! It's also a great gift idea for the Potterheads. Characteristics : Capacity: 425ml Stainless steel and impact resistant Resealable lid Licensed product. Reference : MTM25360
  • 11,90 € In Stock
    On the way to Hogwarts! Discover these beautiful 9 3/4 earrings, the famous platform on which the Hogwarts Express leaves! Characteristics : Material: Silver plated Licensed product. Reference : EWE0011
  • 12,90 € In Stock
    Bring a touch of magic to your keys with this 9 ¾ keychain! With its circular shape and ring, this accessory connected to a chain has a white background on which is inscribed in black letters “9 ¾”: the route to take to board the Hogwarts Express. Characteristics : Material: silver plated Dimensions: approx 5 cm Officially licensed Harry Potter...
  • 14,90 € In Stock
    The Hogwarts Express notebbok. You dream it ? Write on the pages and let the magic begin ! A5 notebook Harry Potter official license Reference : SR72500
  • 24,90 € In Stock
    Welcome to Hogwarts The Harry Potter doormat will make your shoes clean by magic Size: 40X60cm
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    129,90 € In Stock
    What could be better than a replica of the cult train from the Harry Potter saga to keep your books? Discover this majestic bookends that will delight all libraries. Characteristics : Material: Hand painted resin Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 14 cm Noble Collection Harry Potter licensed product Reference: NN7362
  • 9,00 € In Stock
    Wizards around you will recognize the magic in you with these Platform 9 ¾ stud earrings! This platform, accessible in particular in London by simply passing through a wall, gives access to the famous Hogwarts Express! That train that brings wizards to Hogwarts School of Magic! Discover the ear studs themed with the image of this platform!...
  • 15,90 € In Stock
    A touch of magic straight from the mysterious Pier 9 3/4 ! Never be late again, Potions or Transfiguration classes aren't waiting for anyone. This clock comes directly from the station, hence its condition. It must be said that the creation of this route dates back to 1849, thanks to the minister of magic in place at the time, Evangeline Orpington. A nice...
  • 9,90 € In Stock
    This 9 3/4 silver plated bookmark is perfect to avoid getting lost in your reading ! It is also a great gift idea for Potterheads. By the fireside or by the pool, read or reread endlessly without losing track in your reading. Characteristics : Dimensions : chibi about 1,5cm Materials: Silver Plated Officially licensed Harry Potter product.
  • 32,90 € In Stock
    No matter where you go, it can be filled with magic, so you need to be prepared for any adventure! And what could be better than this Hogwarts Express themed shoulder bag and the 9 ¾ platform, direct passport to the adventure with its ticket to Hogwarts! Discreet but recognizable by wizards, this bag is a practical city accessory to store your magic items...
  • 6,90 € In Stock
    Here is the platform 9 3/4 charm pendant, an emblematic place where Hogwarts students take the Hogwarts Express. You can put this pendant on a bracelet or necklace. Don't hesitate to discover our collection of charms to create jewelry with your favorite heroes. Characteristics : Material: silver plated Dimensions of the pendant: 1.5cm Charm compatible...
  • 29,90 € In Stock
    You have successfully crossed the wall of platform 9 ¾, all you have to do now is board the Hogwarts Express to show your ticket and buy some treats with your Galleons, all of which obviously tidy in your Hogwarts Express Wallet! Discover this Travel-themed Wallet, flanked by the 9 ¾ lane logo and which, once opened, will allow you to store many cards and...
  • 80,00 € In Stock
    This large pop-up book is an animated book that begs to be leafed through like a classic book only here you are entitled to a 3D experience. Built with ingenious animations that will give your moment of reading a little magical taste, a map of the Diagon Alley awaits you. Discover the famous shopping street from every angle, its legendary shops and...
  • 27,90 € In Stock
    To decorate your decoration, opt for this snow globe with the effigy of our favorite owl: Hedwig. Accompanied by Harry's suitcases, it will proudly take pride of place in your decor.  Characteristics : Glass globe Polyresin sculpture  Weight : 0,365kg Licensed product Reference : SGHP09
  • 19,90 € In Stock
    Board the famous Hogwarts Express, destination Hogwarts! Thanks to this exceptional set, fans of the saga will be able to explore track 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express like never before, collect all kinds of extraordinary facsimile objects inspired by the universe of the Harry Potter films (the letter of Harry's admission to Hogwarts, the list of...
  • 21,00 € In Stock
    Know your mood thanks to the Platform 9 3/4 Mood Charm Bracelet !Suspended from a black braided bracelet, you will find a Platform 9 3/4 charm in silver, embellished with a mood stone in the center for a magical finish! Characteristics : Wax-coated bracelet Adjustable from approximately 2-5 inches in diameter Because jewelry products are handcrafted by...
  • 9,90 € In Stock
    Perfect for Harry Potter fans, this pencil case will carry all the things you need for work or school! Then let's go to Hogwarts with the superb 9 3/4 ticket kit from the famous Hogwarts express! Characteristic : Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 1 cm Licensed product. Reference : SR72827
  • 16,90 € In Stock
    All aboard! Sit in the Hogwarts Express and enjoy your favourite drink in this 9 ¾ Mug! Platform 9 ¾ is where the Hogwarts Express is located. Find on this mug the iconic elements present during Harry Potter's first train journey to Hogwarts: his glasses (fixed by Hermione Granger), the chocolate frog bought with his first Galleons, his wand, his...
  • 64,90 € In Stock
    Go on new adventures full of magic with this Hogwarts Express backpack! Discreet but easily recognizable by all wizards, this bag is a real invitation to travel since it has its own ticket for the Hogwarts Express! Its different illustrations and storage make it the ideal companion for going to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade or even for a visit to the Burrow! You...
  • 54,90 € In Stock
    No matter where you go, magic could be waiting for you, so you need to be prepared for any adventure! And what could be better than this shoulder bag themed with the Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾, symbolising a passport to adventure with its train ticket to Hogwarts! Discreet but recognisable by all wizards, this bag is a practical city accessory to...
  • 39,90 € In Stock
    Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter with this Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4 Backpack with Circular Pocket ! And imagine going with that Backpack, taking the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts? It is also worn as a shoulder strap thanks to a hanse adjustable in length. Quality lining inside, red Hogwarts print on white background . Front zipped...
  • 59,95 € In Stock
    Enter the world of your favorite wizards with a 4D experience! This 892 piece puzzle takes you from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts. With different dimensions that will give you a feeling of immersion, thanks in particular to the different elements such as the replicas of the buildings in 3D, travel aboard the Hogwarts Express and explore these beautiful lands at...
Showing 1 - 24 of 46 items

A collection dedicated to our favorite station platform: 9 ¾.

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